Integral Maintenance


— Garden service

We are a company that offers all the services that your garden needs. Each garden deserves special care, whether it is designed with native or imported plants, knowing each of them, as well as their possible diseases and pruning times will make your garden a happy environment.

In the same way we can design your garden knowing your preferences and adapting to your location and terrain. We have qualified personnel to make your garden part of your home.

— Pool maintenance

Both in winter and summer, we take care that your pool has an unbeatable aesthetic, regular inspection and maintenance of all technical components, such as chemicals, cleaning filters, etc.

— Plumbing service

Our work is carried out by qualified specialists. We offer the service of breakdowns, reforms, installation of air conditioning of last generation and if you want control by demotic.

— Painting service

The color of both your facade and the interiors are a basic point for you to feel comfortable in your home or business. Giving you as always a personalized treatment, respecting your taste and needs we will make a study or budget completely free.

— Electric service